Why Have a Personal Trainer?

Everybody needs a little help sometimes - whether they are just beginning or have been training for a long time. The advantage of working on a one to one level is that your training will be individualised what ever your goals, whether it be losing weight, increasing muscle, toning up or training for a specific event. A personal trainer pays close attention to their client's exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan. Having a personal fitness trainer allows you to set realistic targets and will give you the motivation you need to see your fitness training programme through.

The secret of getting ahead is getiing startedMany people embark on a training regime without really having any focus or idea of how to make it most beneficial to them. They may become frustrated as they arenít seeing the results they hoped for. A personal trainer can structure and periodise a training plan and also look at altering dietary habits to compliment a solid training programme. Are your goals realistic? A personal trainer will help you determine this.

Be Your BossPeople have busy lives these days and many of us simply donít have hours to spend in the gym doing cardio and resistance training. A personal trainer can help to put the best exercises into an interval training programme so that you get the maximum gains in the shortest time possible. Making that all important appointment also makes sure that you will fit your training into your busy weekly schedule.

Perhaps you have been working out for a while but are getting bored with doing the same sets and repetitions and feel you need to shake it up a bit with some muscle confusion and a new challenge. Having a personal trainer will help to challenge you and give you a fresh perspective with different functional exercises set out in circuit style that perhaps you would not push yourself out of your usual comfort zone to perform.

Hard WorkA great many people who start with a personal fitness trainer simply arenít confident enough to enter a gym on their own for fear of being watched and judged due to their size, shape or fitness levels. Working on a one to one level can help to increase your own self confidence, give you the motivation and perhaps even teach you how to exercise on your own. You can learn from the expert knowledge of your trainer all about muscles and how to use them to work together in the best way for you.

One More LapYou may have an injury or illness that makes you unsure of how to train and affects your confidence such as arthritis, high blood pressure, depression or an ongoing injury such as tendonitis. Perhaps you are pregnant but want to keep yourself fit with a safe and effective workout. A good personal trainer will be able to help and advise you on which direction to take.

You had a couple of drinks with friends the night before and you wake up finding that you have signed up for an event, be it a 5km run or a marathon. How on earth do you begin training? An experienced trainer will help you create a training programme that will fit in with your lifestyle and ensure you peak at just the right time for your event.

Another day at the officeSarahSome people know exactly what they are doing and are motivated enough to do it. They just like to have a personal trainer there with them for company, supervision and support with a little advise along the way.

If you have your own home gym or are looking to set one up, or simply want to work out in your own home, a personal trainer is a great addition to help you utilise the equipment you have to its maximum, or advise on the best equipment to use or to bring equipment along to your home for you to workout with.

I donít train my clients with a harsh military style, but with gentle nudges and motivation to encourage you to reach your goals. I have the medical background to ensure your safety is primary taking into consideration any illnesses, injuries or medications you are taking.

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