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Napoleon Hill


Bad DietWhen you undertake an exercise regime, itís very important to ensure that your nutrition is also optimum to support your training load and intensity.

Many people begin a training programme with the intention of weight loss. And yet they get locked into a ďtrain and rewardĒ cycle whereby they burn off 600 calories but replace them with a 500 calorie chocolate bar figuring they are still in a calorific deficit. Sadly, it simply doesnít work that way and getting caught up in this cycle results in a constant vicious circle of trying to exercise off the ďbadĒ foods you ate the night before. This leads to burn out with over training and yet no weight loss to be seen. You are making sacrifices of your time to exercise, you need to make sacrifices in your diet also to see the changes you are looking for.

Eat JunkMany of us use the excuse that itís not fair on the rest of the family to remove all the biscuits, crisps or chocolate bars but by doing so, you are helping their health along the way too. And if everybody really needs a treat, go out and buy one instead of just reaching into the cupboard. You need to remove the temptation.

The nutritional information available is ample but very confusing for many. Slimming aids are widely advertised and itís tempting to go down the road of quick fix shakes and supplements. But these fixes, while they give a fast short term weight loss, are not successful long term and are not sustainable long term. The focus needs to be on changing lifestyle habits that you can maintain and enjoy for the rest of your life to not only reach the goals you want but to make them permanent.


As a personal fitness trainer Iím very body conscious and chose to also take additional qualifications in diet, nutrition and weight management. Not only have I seen dozens of clients struggle with their weight but Iíve had an ongoing battle with 7 stubborn pounds that Iíve never been able to shift. Iím an ultra athlete, distances of marathon and over are my favourites whether it be running or cycling.

Carbs The recommended fuel of choice has always been heavily carbohydrate based. When I did my nutritional courses that was the golden standard for athletes as carbohydrates were (and still are) deemed to be the bodyís fuel of choice to get us through those mega miles. I followed the guidelines that Iíd been taught successfully Ė I ran well, but always remained 7lbs over my ideal weight regardless of the calories I was burning in racing and training. The carbohydrates I consumed were all the healthful ones, grains, legumes, steel cut oats, wholegrain bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, no processed foods. I avoided full fat products in a permanent attempt to lose this stubborn 7 lbs, opting instead for low fat yogurt, low fat cream cheese, very little hard cheese and god forbid cream! I watched clients struggle in the same way as I was while all the time guiding them down the healthy carbohydrate route, cutting out fat and reducing calorie intake.

Cabbage Then I started intermittent fasting. My two 500 calorie days were very low in carbs and very much protein based. The weight melted off. However, on normal eating days I would have brown rice with my evening meal, I would have a banana smoothie in the morning and as if by magic a couple of pounds would be showing on the scales. This not only frustrated me but had me wondering what was going on. I didnít feel bloated on fasting days, but I often did on normal days.

I then read Gary Taubes book ďHow we get fat and what to do about itĒ. WOW! Suddenly everything fell into place. My bias towards a carbohydrate led diet shifted dramatically. Not only have I now had success in controlling my weight (and seeing how well itís worked for many of my clients) but itís improved my mental health, my energy levels, my hair and skin look better, I donít suffer the same bloating effects, I sleep better. All this by changing my nutritional profile! It took a great deal of time to get my head around consuming high fat products as that accepted heresay has always been part of my life even before making it my profession.

My weight has at times gone up and Iíve had to have a good look at what I was eating and tweak a few things here and there to get it right.



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