Nothing is impossible, the word
itself says "I'm possible".

Audrey Hepburn

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Sarah Louise Grigor - Personal Trainer

BSC (Health & Social Welfare) Hons

Additional Qualifications

As a teenager at school I dabbled with fitness every now and again and at one time was the proud owner of the schoolís champion shot putter title! Actually, I was the only one who had a go so it wasnít a tough field. When I left school and started work, health and fitness took a back seat and by the time I got married I had gained 4 stone. The birth of my first child added a little more weight and I felt trapped in a cycle of self loathing and eating for comfort. I was also doing a BSc(Hons) degree in Health which took up a great deal of my time. But I wasnít in a happy place with how I looked or how I felt.

Sarah with medalThatís when I took myself in hand and got seriously into a fitness and healthy eating regime. But oh boy, I got it wrong time and time again. I lost weight, gained weight, lost it again. I joined diet groups, exercise classes but never had any real direction. I then joined the Scottish Ambulance Service and this was my real motivator to get things done properly. Not only did I learn all about how the body worked, but I was able to apply much of this knowledge to myself and my own wellbeing. I started running as a way to help with my weight loss and before long, weight loss was no longer the primary focus. I thoroughly enjoyed competing at a friendly level and loved the social circle of friends it provided. I also discovered that I was quite good at longer distance events. I was also cross training regularly and doing resistance and core work. Then there was a big change in my life.

I had been plagued with back pain for several years which had been diagnosed as Sacro-Iliac problems. It turned out that I had two discs that were bulging. One day they both slipped and I lost all sensation from the thighs down. My left leg came back fairly quickly, but my right leg did not and I was left with terrible weakness and numbness. It was recommended that I went in for emergency surgery to have the two discs removed, but I felt that the risks of this surgery were just too great and decided not to opt for the procedure, deciding instead to continue with rehab work. As my interest grew in building back up my strength, I took a course in core stability and I was hooked. I learned so much and my love of study and learning was renewed.

Stairs A year later I had taken my Personal Training qualification, Diet & Nutrition and Diet & Weight Management. I went on to take courses in Spin instruction and Boxercise to name just a couple. My neuro-surgeon refused to sanction my return to the ambulance service because the problem of my discs still existed and any uncontrolled lift could result in them coming straight back out and crippling me. I went to my GP for pain medication and he was furious that I hadnít had surgery. He told me that I may as well throw my running shoes in the dustbin as I would never be able to run again. I left in a flood of tears.

My career had been taken away from me and now so had my running. I was devastated and hit a terrible period of depression that would result in hospital visits. But what that doctor told me was the best thing I could ever have heard. I decided to turn things around and show everybody that I could get back something of the old me. I began jog/walking around the block, dragging my weak leg behind me, which would leave me on my back on the floor for the rest of the day in pain. I worked hard on my core strength training to create stability for my back using my abdominal muscles. I focused on balance exercises and single leg drills to strengthen up the weakness that remained in the affected leg. One year later I ran my first marathon. That was 11 years ago.

Sarah Cycling John o Groats to Lands End 2013I started Bodyfit by SLG as a part time business after having completed all the necessary qualifications and getting the final letter from the Ambulance Service dismissing me on the grounds of incapacity. I now run a very successful and more than full time personal fitness training business and I love it! I have also done more than 70 marathons around the world, more than a dozen ultra marathons including the 95 mile West Highland Way twice and the jewel in the crown Marathon des Sables over the Sahara desert.

Iím also a very keen cyclist and this year I completed Landís End to John Oí Groats, a distance of 1,000 miles. I still have to work hard to keep my core strength up or my back suffers, but I refuse to let anything stop me.

Truly, if I can, so can you.

I donít train my clients with a harsh military style, but with gentle nudges and motivation to encourage you to reach your goals. I have the medical background to ensure your safety is primary taking into consideration any illnesses, injuries or medications you are taking.